The National Congress Palace Strelna

State complex The National Congress Palace is located on the picturesque coast of the Gulf of Finland, far from the city vanity, in the green space of St.-Petersburg. The National Congress Palace combines the functions of the state residence, historical and cultural reserve and the business centre. It is opened for carrying out various actions: scientific and political forums, corporate meetings, exhibitions and presentations.

The Konstantin palace

Konstantin palace is the Dominating structure of the complex. It is the former residence of grand dukes of the House of Romanovs and the revived monument of the Russian architecture of the XVIII-th century. Today within the palace expositions Russian painting, decorative and applied arts of XVIII-XX centuries including the world-famous collection of M. Rostropovich and G. Vishnevskaya are widely presented. At the grottos of Konstantin Palace wine cellars with one of the greatest collection of elite wines in the world are placed. The palace is surrounded by the park, extending to the coast of the Gulf of Finland.

The Mariinsky Palace

The 99-metre-wide Blue Bridge spans the Moika in front of the Marie Palace. Mariinsky Palace, also known as Marie Palace (in russian: Мариинcкий дворец), was the last Neoclassical imperial palace to be constructed in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It was built between 1839 and 1844 to a design by the court architect Andrei Stackensneider.

The palace stands on the south side of St Isaac’s Square, just across the 99-metre-wide Blue Bridge from Saint Isaac’s Cathedral. In the 18th century, the plot belonged to Zakhar Tchernyshov and contained his mansion (1762–1768), which was occasionally let to Prince of Condé and other foreign worthies visiting the Russian capital. In 1825–1839, the Tchernyshov mansion housed a military school, where Mikhail Lermontov studied for two years.