Yu. Trutnev

Tiger is a unique animal, it is difficult to imagine our planet without him. His image is reflected in the cultures of the peoples of the most countries over the world, but nowadays the tiger could become a legend.

In wildlife tiger ranges in 13 countries. In Russia, its population in one habitat is the biggest, and the number of tiger is stable with potential to grow. To conserve one of the most beautiful predator on the Earth, we should coordinate our activities to prevent the tiger extinction.

Nowadays, losing one by one the species of «living planet», we can’t answer the question: «Which of the following species will disappear?». Will it be a human himself?

This global project gives us an opportunity to reflect on the fragility of nature, and that each of us can contribute to its preservation!

Yuri Trutnev
Minister of Natural Resources
and Environment of the Russian Federation

II International Forum on the Amur tiger conservation will be held in Vladivostok on September 5, 2022 - the starting day of the Eastern Economic Forum EEF-2022.